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Melinda Curtin Floor Cloth Paintings


ART underfoot
by Melinda Curtin, Melbeck STUDIO

How long will the art last?
As the artist, I personally guarantee the functionality and beauty of the work for 4 years under normal conditions. The great majority of pieces will last many years beyond that time period. My website is on the back of each piece so the client can contact me directly if needed.

How is the art made?
I use a composite rubber/vinyl surface and paint with acrylic paints. I employ a variety of painting techniques using rubber paint brushes and combs to achieve interesting textures and depth. All pieces are hand-painted and one-of-a-kind. The functional art is tripled sealed very carefully for maximum durability.

How do I clean it?
The sealer I use is a wood floor type sealer, so clean as you would a wood floor. Use a slightly damp mop withwater or mild cleaner or spot clean with damp paper towel. Flip over and mop/dust underneath occasionally to keep the piece from slipping due to dust particle buildup.

Can the art piece be used outdoors?
The sealer and the acrylic paint are fade-resistant, so outdoors is good. Although the art is very water resistant, standing water over periods of time (heavy rains) will eventually break down the sealer. As a result, covered porches are recommended.

On carpet?floor-painting-small.jpg
The art will dent slightly on carpet if “spiky” type heels are worn. Other shoe types are are fine.

Can I get a different color scheme, size, or design?
All pieces are individually cut to size, designed, and painted, therefore any variation in color, size, and design can be made specifically for you. Custom design work is available as well.

Can the art be shipped easily?
The art will be rolled with paint facing out- this help the art unroll more easily once it’s flat again. We offer flat rate shipping to anywhere in the USA for $23.  A poster type tube of at least 4” diameter can be used, or a long box of at least 4x4x30.   

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